M62: The Transpenine Motorway - Kevin Crooks

M62: The Transpenine Motorway - Kevin Crooks

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Part of an on-going photographic body of work, Kevin Crooks is documenting the M62 Motorway and the historical, geographical, geological, social and economic effects and changes that the motorway has brought to the areas of the north of England that it connects. 

M62: The Transpenine Motorway contains a series of black and white photographs which capture the solemn, detailed, expansive and manufactured aspects of the landscape in which the motorway is situated. The images within the book are accompanied by poetic phrases from John Davies who wrote a biographical account of a transpenine journey that he documented titled Walking the M62, with illustrations by Tonwen Jones. 

220 x 285mm
Singer sewn softcover
48 pages with 1 illustration
Lithographic printing
Edition of 200

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