"Work in Progress"

Name: Callum Baigrie

University: Nottingham Trent University

Website: callumbaigriephoto.com

Artist Statement:

Work in Progress is based around the industrial estate based at Lenton Lane. Beginning along the Beeston Canal, Callum has been documenting the various factories, warehouse buildings and other assorted structures in the surrounding area, building up an individual perspective of an area that is both familiar and unfamiliar. The curiously placed entertainment units in the estate, a multiplex cinema, bowling alley and restaurant complex. Very much a family venue, yet set in the heart of a landscape you wouldn’t take your family for an afternoon walk. The area is in a transitional phase, with the iconic Horizon factory due for closure this year, and older units being demolished to increase the size of the restaurant complex. The industrial estate serves as an excellent case study for the changing nature of industry in this country. 

Daniel AinsworthComment