"Tubbies Amusements"

Name: Thomas Webber

University: University of South Wales

Website: https://www.instagram.com/whiteloafers/

Artist Statement:

There isn’t much left. The extent of excitement today consists of a static caravan park and a local convenience store, far removed from the Blue Lagoon open air swimming pool and Beach Comber gentleman’s club of Severn Beach in the 1930’s.

Behind the hulking sea wall you’ll find the abandoned Tubbies Amusements. It looks in a worse state every time I visit, the owner having died several years ago and the site unsold since. The self-contained world of Tubbies seems to reflect the village it’s in, the land fenced off and plonked awkwardly in the middle of the High Street.

‘This is the coastal town, that they forgot to close down’ - Morrissey.

Daniel AinsworthComment