Rodrigo Pinheiro

Universidade Gama Filho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Those are real places where it all occurred, real objects and real notes exchanged by the lovers. "Tornaras", in a sense, are photographs that take the form of a long and intimate letter to someone's memory.

Photography came as a rescue. Before the camera is the performance, the self-portrait and, paraphrasing a master of the juxtaposition between documentary and fiction, the dual imaginary function of cinema. Abbas Kiarostami wrote that he was after the reality behind the apparent reality. This performance was made while we forgot it was a performance.

Memory is the key subject of my work. But it is too wide of a word. To simplify, my
memory is square, that explains the 6x6 photography, it travels frequently between colour and b&w within the same recollection, and, more importantly, I like to mix fiction with reality, losing the distinction of both.