"Thirty-Seven and Three-Quarters"

Name: James Marvin

University: Nottingham Trent University

Website: www.jamesmarvinphoto.com

Artist Statement:

The Isle of Man has become the capital of motorcycle road racing. For two weeks in summer, from the end of May to the first week in June, competitors, fans and their motorbikes make pilgrimage to the island from all over the world. For the remaining fifty weeks of the year, the roads return to their daily public use.

A rider’s success at the TT is dependent on a number of variables: speed, tyres, bike, brake, surface, temperature, time of day, and state of mind. In comparison, a photographer will do a similar thing. If we substitute the camera for bike and film stock for tyres, the process of taking many pictures or by looking at the same corner for hours becomes analogous to road racing. The intensive training that a TT rider must go through both physically and mentally can culminate on one corner and for both rider and photographer, it is over and taken in a fraction of a second.

Daniel AinsworthComment