"Power of Place"

Name: Catherine Waites

University: Nottingham Trent University

Website: catherinewaites.wixsite.com

Artist Statement:

You cannot help but stand where they want you to stand.

The opulence of the English landscaped garden is tied up within its power, wealth and control it has over the landscape. The Use of Constructed viewpoints, geometric designs and focal points are used to guide and lead the eye in a certain way around the gardens. This creates an inevitability of viewing, whereby the gardens compel you to view things in a certain way. The photographs become an extension of this order and control through the formality of the style and composition.

The picturesque is dominate in Power of Place showing its strong relationship to the subject. The English landscaped garden becomes a reflection of the cultural understanding of how we interpret notions of beauty and nature in the landscape.

Daniel AinsworthComment