"Nature of the Familair"

Name: Mya Cohen

University: University of Brighton

Website: mya-cohen-r3s6.squarespace.com

Artist Statement:

This is a photographic series used to demonstrate the uncomfortable Still Life. The constructed images borrow language from advertising to present the viewer with notions of the unfamiliar and unexpected by dressing the known in different colours. 

The use of colour within this body of work is used to test the viewer’s recognition of the familiar and how it can be thrust into something new and yet remain equally satisfying. The brain is happy to relate colour to specific things, however, by altering the colours, does it then become something new and unrecognisable?

These photographs have been created to test the fetishism we have for colour and the way it can enhance, and/or subtract from an image. Is the addition of colour something we find more appealing and aesthetically pleasing, and if so, how do we compare it to the subject’s natural colour vs. the constructed one. 

All images copyright of Mya Cohen.