"Midnight Heterotopias"

Name: Jessica Lyn Davies

University: University of Brighton

Website: www.jessicalyndavies.com

Artist Statement:

The home is often seen with a sense of nostalgia but the series ‘Midnight Heterotopias’ play on the fragile atmospheric tensions space can create. When the idolised innocence of a safe haven is abused, a sense of security becomes absent. A transition occurs, a domestic space is no longer a home.

‘Midnight Heterotopias’ reflect on the feelings the uncanny produces; how our realities transform during the dark hours, in a strange and unsettling manner. It aims to challenge the boundaries of interior and exterior, consciousness and unconsciousness, light and dark. The use of domestic space heightens eeriness, something familiar transmutes into unfamiliar territory. It is a combination of domestic with urban landscapes, still-life and abstraction, thus confusing the viewer to what they are seeing in the temporary space of the night time. 

There is a veiling in these spaces that contain dark, unsettling secrets, ones that can only be imagined by the viewer. The black, empty spaces, void of human presence suggest the end of time.

Daniel AinsworthComment