Tom Illsley

Nottingham Trent University, England.

Tom Illsley (b.1994) is a British photographer based in Brighton. He is a documentary landscape photographer predominantly working with geographical themes. Illsley graduated from the BA (Hons) Photography course at Nottingham Trent University in 2015. His final year project Meridian received the Genesis Imaging Bursary award. Meridian is an exploration of geographical centre points throughout Great Britain, using psychogeographical elements and the dérive Illsley explores these locations rigorously. This body of work culminated in Illsley's first solo exhibition at Lakeside Arts Centre in April 2016.

Meridian, as a concept, is an exploration of central geographical locations, implying free liberal methods of enquiry associated with the dérive; a term used within psychogeography. These photographs serve as a record of the journey undertaken in the area surrounding a specific geographical centre point. To date the areas of investigation are England, Scotland and Wales. The photographs explore whether these seemingly insignificant locations hold a deeper context, rather than being subjected to centrography, the mathematical equation used to find the centre point of a chosen area of land.