"Masked Beauty"

Name: Lauren Chapman

University: Northampton University

Website: www.laurenchapmanphotography.com

Artist Statement:

Five years ago when I started college I was invited to a derelict hospital, I had never been to one before so I was excited to shoot something different.

I remember walking into my first derelict location and experiencing an overwhelming feeling rush through my body. The location was nothing like I had expected it to be, scary and a dark place to visit. It was, in fact, quite the opposite. I saw the history and the beauty of nature claiming back its land. Ever since this experience I have had an obsession with photographing derelict places, which is how this project came about.

'Masked Beauty' is a project have been developing over the past year and is concerned with showing a different side to these locations. I believe that a lot of photographers document derelict places as dark and foreboding places. As these places are for me, full of life and beauty, I decided to photograph each of these locations and place them in a book to present them as places of peace and history. 

As my photographic approach to this project was open to photographing any place that was derelict and unattached to the world, the aim of the book, with its 146 images, was to show each location's unique story and past.

Through these images, I hope to bring awareness, to the viewer, on the disappearing beauty of these places. 

Can you see the beauty in these ruins?

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