"Latch Cottage"

Name: Brittony Duff

University: Falmouth University

Website: www.brittonylydia.format.com

Artist Statement:

Stemming from ideas of documentation and inventory, this project aims to create a record of domestic interior spaces. This evidential approach still maintains a narrative as the series of images create a tour around the space, giving it a deeper perspective. Coupled with non-judgemental text about negative aspects of the space, the viewer is forced to look outside the frame, searching for further imperfections. This is similar to the photographic inventory that a tenant receives when moving into a new property, detailing the undesirable, broken features of the house. This honest critique of personal space asks the viewer to appreciate these blemishes in an attempt to create a similar nostalgic feeling that the owner has, finding comfort in little things. This then holds potential to evoke memories that the viewer may associate with a similar personal space of their own, hence emphasising a more delicate, intimate ambiance.

Daniel AinsworthComment