Giovanna Petrocchi

London College of Communication, England.


In my practice I often look into the relationship between man and nature, the animal and the human and the concept of animal within art. My work is at the same time influenced buy old masters and contemporary aesthetics. Using collage as my main tool, I reiterate traditional subject matter and art historical imagery to explore theevolution of visual culture. Inviting a wide spectrum of abstraction and representation, I create an ambiguous sense of time and space. At the core of my research is art itself, its relationship to nature and the coexistence of traditional and digital approaches in photography.

In my latest work 'Lanzarote', I aim to radically reframe the limits of our visual and conceptual horizons by juxtaposing and mixing the imagery. I play with the concept of old and new, past and future; namely the presence of both futuristic and primordial lands, digital and traditional (analogue) processes, the seemingly decontextualised ancient animal sculptures yet surprisingly contemporary in their shapes.