Chen Peng

Sichuan College of Media and Communications of China.

How is an impressive moment fading in our mind? It was clearly visible at the first moment, you could remember the sound, the smell, even the wind of that moment, however it would disappear with the time flies. The sound, the smell, the wind …they’re gone. The profile of the person and the object in that scene has lost but only a bit of images stay clearly.

When I realized this, I decide to keep memories in ways of blue prints and photographs, to keep the important and unforgettable moments while they were blur but not totally disappear yet.

Photos in “INK“ are all taken by years ago, and they are branded experiences of my life, memories I shall be cherished forever. 

The blue images present part memories of those branded experiences, and the sparkles in images present the clear and special parts of those memories I haven’t forget yet.