"I am"

Name: Kate Sturney

University: University of South Wales

Website: www.katesturney.com

Artist Statement:

I am not myself at the moment. I am now an adult and things are changing. I am a trainee, an individual that has a lot to learn.

I am not good enough, but that doesn’t mean I never will be.

I am too busy worrying about what I should be doing.

I am determined, not to be mislead by the tests facing us in life.

I am only one person amongst the billions on this planet, yet the feeling of loneliness is all too common.

I am not a robot and there is no book to abide by when figuring out your path in this world.

I am becoming overwhelmed, and I feel close to losing myself.

I am twenty-one and I am now independent.

I am a peacekeeper, although growing older has taught me to be selective with the good energy I share.

I am a big dreamer, finally understanding that hard work and dedication will pay off in good rewards.

I am only just starting my life, my career and my existence.

I am a worrier, but I know I am grounded.

I am accepting the ‘in-between’ moment.

I am becoming aware of the process of finding myself.

I am pressured by society to rush the delicate method of living.

I am just another adolescent finding my feet,

And I have taught myself that the only way to get over this phase, Is to be okay with it.

I am embracing the change.

I am learning as I go,

And I am going to become the person I expected to be because of this.

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