GIBELLINA 1968 – otto minuti dopo le tre


Giuseppe Iannello

University of South Wales.

Gibellina, 15th January 1968, 3:08am.

A tremendous earthquake hits the Belìce Valley in western Sicily.

Some villages are badly destroyed and Gibellina, a town of 6.410 inhabitants, is completely devastated. The ‘Grande Cretto’, made by the renowned artist Alberto Burri, is created to preserve the memory of the town.

Today, a town bearing the same name stands 20 km away from the ruins, where the spirit of Gibellina lives on through its last remaining inhabitants.

Gibellina 1968 – otto minuti dopo le tre documents the generation disconnect of the new town and through this, the lost memories of old Gibellina. The new generation carries the weight of history upon their shoulders and the task of retelling the stories of a home they never knew.