Falling Apart


Matthew Leeves

Manchester School of Art, England.


Falling Apart explores form & landscape, playing with my own memories of destination and space as influence. Following the journey of British Sculptor Barbara Hepworth, I travelled from Wakefield, Yorkshire to the Southwest peninsula of the UK, where I was to spend 9 days making work on and around the Cornish coast. I decided to touch upon my long lasting relationship to Cornwall and the sea, which begun from a young age, frequently exploring Hepworth's Trewyn Studio and the surrounding beaches and hills of St. Ives on our family's annual holiday's. 
In place of conventional language, I searched for the dialogue between forms that exist between the high tides and the sloping hills of the Cornish Landscape, rocks that had fallen and been sculpted by the elements, constructing conversational encounters between space, subject, maker and viewer.