Thomas Maxwell

Solent University, Southampton, England.

My first memory of my Grandmother was when I was around 8/9 years old. Every Friday, after school me and my brother would go to a secondary school, St Peters, where every Friday after school would hold swimming lessons. The swimming was fun, but the best memory was going to my Grandparents afterwards. My Grandmother was a big cook, and would always cook meatballs followed by desserts of chocolate chip muffins, so many you’d have to stuff them in your pockets. My Grandfather was a fan of his military history, being ex-military himself. He would often take me to Duxford airfield every September for the annual air show to commemorate the Battle of Britain, or to Portsmouth to see HMS Victory in all its glory. If we weren’t looking at big guns of big planes, we would go play golf in my easter holidays. 

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, as of now have no known cures. For over 100 years humanity has known of these diseases and have yet to find any cure for stopping these progressive diseases. FADED is a documentary project that started in 2014 after my Grandparents were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The aim of the project was to document the disease’s progression and the daily tasks that my Grandparents had to confront every day up until their deaths. The project is a tale of love, romance and heartbreak combining images over a 3-year period (from diagnosis to death), heirlooms as well as personal family memories to demonstrate the emotional relationship between myself and my Grandparents.