Church Attire


Benicia King

University of Southern California, California, USA.

I grew up in a religious household in Louisiana with my grandfather being a Reverend and other family members being Evangelists, Pastors, etc. We went to church every Sunday -  bible study every Wednesday - the action was casual for us. I always noticed how everyone did their best to look their best. It was as if I was attending a private fashion show for my eyes only. I saw the ladies in their dress suits with big eccentric matching hats and the men in their pantsuits suits of all colors. And when 1st Sunday came around, everyone was in all white -  tradition of purification. Such a beautiful sight. Once I graduated high school and moved to Seattle, I felt a little conflicted about my religious views mainly because I did not find my own religious home while trying to find other parts of myself. So, I was “lost in the grey” (Chase Johnson) for a while until I decided to move to my second home in Crenshaw to attend the University of Southern California. Started going to church regularly again with my grandfather, started my first black and white photography class, started seeing distinct communication within the church, started to bring my camera, and then “Church Attire” commenced.