"Cheswycks, vestiges of a place lost"


cheswycks, vestiges of a place lost

Georgie Hepworth

University of West London


This work is a visual representation of the memories that are held within the landscape of a dilapidated school. Situated in the vast woodlands of Deepcut, Surrey, Cheswycks School has been left to the ravages of nature, becoming a palimpsest of time and evidence since its closure in 1996. 

Memories are inseparably tied to place, forever linked to where they were formed. Traces of the past, disappearing into the layers of the land, resemble the decay of human memory that occurs with time, becoming harder to recall. 

The nostalgic remains of childhood experience, slowly being erased, speak of an unresolved dialogue; a collision of the past and present. As the surface of the terrain fluctuates, it becomes a landscape of forgetting. 


Daniel AinsworthComment