An Interview with: Robert Weinraub


After speaking to Domonkos Varga - a First Year student at MOME - we caught up with Robert Weinraub, who recently graduated from the same institution.

Tell us a little about yourself – who inspires you, what kind of work do you make, and what are your ambitions?

I’m a 23-year-old Hungarian photo graduate - born and raised in Transylvania - and I’m currently doing an Erasmus Internship in Berlin. I decided to take some time to figure out in what direction I want to go on with my photography before I apply to the Master studies. I’m mainly interested in self-portraiture and identity.

My inspiration sources are pretty unpredictable; it can be a newly discovered photographer’s work or a beautiful sunset. Recently I don’t see the sun that often in Berlin, although I’m always amazed by the cloud formations here. I have only one constant inspiration source in my life at the moment, and that is my boyfriend. We are running a blog together at the moment.

I’m also trying to find inspiration in experimenting with different cameras, and I feel an inclination in me now to switch to analogue photography, a field that is yet quite unknown to me.

Concerning my ambitions, in the near future I would like to work more on my relationship project, continue taking self-portraits, create a website,  be as open-minded as I can be, get featured in the coolest magazines and of course, eternal fame and glory.

What have been the most valuable aspects of your time as a student at MOME?

Getting into MOME and moving to Budapest was a huge milestone for me, because it meant a complete change of environment. I was suddenly surrounded with people who understand me and accept me.

Looking back, my 3 years there went by very quickly. I learned a lot, mostly from my classmates - their view on the world has really opened my eyes, and made me more accepting and curious. Probably the best thing about the university life is the relationships that you build, because some of them might last forever.

Tell us about your experience in Antwerp with the Erasmus program and the series you made there, Reborn Sounds of Teenage Dreams.

The Erasmus program is one those opportunities in life that you should never miss. I’m doing my second one now. What I love about this program is that you have a lot of time to think about things in your life. It gives you a certain independence and freedom.

Antwerp was great (except the weather); I met beautiful people - with some of them I keep in touch even up to this day - and I got the time to work more on my personal projects. ‘Reborn Sounds of Teenage Dreams’ is one of them.

In the beginning of my time there I felt quite alone, I travelled everywhere alone - it reminded me of my younger years when I sought solace in abandoned places and my camera. I roamed in the northern part of Antwerp, in the industrial area and I made a lot of photos. For the series I chose images that reflect my solitude with a touch of surrealism, but still in an earth-bound way.

If you could give yourself advice as a first year student, what would you say?

Be more curious, ask more questions and say yes to opportunities that are out of your comfort-zone.


Are there any upcoming projects you can discuss in detail?

Nothing serious at the moment, because I feel that I’m in a transitional state with my photography. I would like to own a medium format camera and continue the project with my boyfriend.