An Interview with: Desire Press


In early October, Manchester's Whitworth Gallery was host to the Bound Art Book Fair, bringing together artists, photographers, galleries and publishing houses under one roof for a weekend of insightful talks and paper-based pleasure. Amidst the stalls were Bemojake, Dewi Lewis, Loose Joints and Village to name but a few. Creative duo Ben Thompson and Meg Williams, who together form Desire Press, were also there launching their latest zine Human Desire. We caught up with the independent publishers and discussed their current and future endeavours.

Give us an insight in to the foundations of Desire Press. What is the ethos behind it?

Desire Press was founded on a romance for print. A need for sharing. A desire to be. 

What were the curatorial decisions behind Human Desire, that launched at the Bound Art Book Fair?

Human Desire is a first in a series of photozines we will be curating, alongside our other projects. 
"Desire" - an obvious theme to begin with; we chose 8 photographers we knew on a personal level to contribute images that provoked and conveyed that feeling. Made in under 3 weeks specifically for Bound, we definitely worked down to the wire. 

How do you see the rise in independent and self publishers affecting the upcoming generation of practitioners?

We are fairly new to the world of independent publishing but it is a very vibrant scene at the moment. Zine making is and always has been a way of communicating art, opinions, ideas and concepts in a way that is easily passed from person to person. It is physical, feasible, raw and real; something that young creatives, including ourselves will use to push further into our art. 
We are excited to be part of that push.

What's next on the radar for Desire Press?

In print, 2018 will see us commit to something bigger, a journal of sorts. We are also working on an exhibition in Manchester. 
For now we are continuing to distribute and create our own work as well as keeping our eyes open for others.