Paul and Wilfred - Alice Armfield

In this series, I aimed to capture the relationship between Paul, my Father, and Wilfred, my 16 year old brother. After observing their interactions evolve as my brother grew older, as well as the various, changing aspects of their relationships, I decided to document all of these elements. They are both very interesting, and different individuals, my father dropping out of university to teach english is Czechoslovakia, and now working from home as a singer songwriter, and my brother playing drums in a math rock band, and wanting to study maths at university. As Wilfred has grown more into his teenage years, his attitudes towards affection has changed somewhat, but for a father and 16 year old son, their bond is still physically close. The similarities and differences in their personality, the changes in their relationship, and their comparatively affectionate bond, all inspired me to capture this unique relationship. Capturing a relationship between two males was extremely interesting for me as a photographer, as it is a subject matter that I have rarely seen covered. I have combined the images I have taken for this project into a book, including my own photos, archival images, as well as hand written text from my dad and brother.

All images copyright of Alice Armfield


Daniel Ainsworth