Untitled - Anna Colbourne

Between 1975 and 1980 the Yorkshire Ripper brutally murdered 13 women, injuring seven others. His deadly career as one of Britain’s most successful serial killers is in part due to the failings of the West Yorkshire Police. Relying on a handwritten filing system, Peter Sutcliffe would be interviewed by police a number of times before he was eventually apprehended.

On top of an inadequate filing system a number of letters and tapes were sent to Police claiming to be from the Yorkshire Ripper himself.  Although they were the work of a hoaxer they were successful in leading the investigation in the wrong direction, allowing the ripper to kill many more women. The Yorkshire Ripper’s objectification and brutal treatment of women was ultimately symptomatic of a much larger issue.  

Untitled is an ongoing project that seeks to represent the ongoing violence and objectification faced by women today. The project uses a number of different photographic practices, including found images, to provide a visual testimony in order to bring awareness to this lasting issue.

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Daniel Ainsworth