Claret - Stephanie Weston

Claret is a very intimate and personal project that I am using in response to suddenly losing a close friend. The composites use my own family archive photographs as a base to create new images, alongside ones I shot as I was trying to cope with the grief and subsequent feelings.  I consider the idea of loss by digitally cutting out subjects. They are rough and harsh cut outs, mainly to symbolise someone being ripped out of your life. Crude for a reason: the raw feeling of grief, it is something that’s unpleasant, unnerving and uncomfortable to confront.  The inner images in earlier composites, originally came from when I shot macros of nettles and thorns etc. It was rather cliched but I decided that despite them being something that hurts you and viewed as something bad.. they were still beautiful too. So I took the negativity and created beauty from it.

All images copyright of Stephanie Weston


Daniel Ainsworth