An Interview With: Scott Bradley Taylor

Thank you Scott for been the first photographer to appear on The Pupil Sphere, first of all lets start by asking who you are and what do you do?

Hello you are more than welcome, I'm Scott Taylor, a final year photography student. My final major studies is primarily based on Fashion Editorial Photography.

What made you interested in Fashion Editorial Photography? 

Scott Taylor: From a young age, I was always split between wanting to join the army as an officer and fashion, but I had no idea what area of fashion I wanted to be apart of, so my interest in the fashion industry took the back seat. As the years progressed, I then began my studies at Sixth Form and took up photography. But back then, my course only offered it at an art based level, so I was mainly intrigued by the documentary side of photography, and my love for it grew. So once I was accepted to the University and began my studies, I soon learnt that my eye for fashion was finally being used, and it became clear to me that this is what I want to do.

What photographers do you most identify with?

Only two come to mind, David Lynch and Joey L. In my spare time, I like to go urban exploring into old derelict buildings, and Lynchs work from his book "The Factory Photographs" were very inspirational towards my own work on a project I did called "Disappear". The work of Joey L, is more relatable towards the work I want to produce, as he is a commercial photographer, that mainly works in advertising. He also delves in documentary from time to time, and it is truly a work of art, I would recommend anyone to take a look. His work inspires me to continuously excel and create better pieces of imagery then my last.

One of my favourite aspects of this series of work is you unique lighting, what influenced this style?

That's actually a good but tough question. I can't say I have an influence on why I do it. I've always captured my images with a "dark and tonal" vibe, of course bringing the key features out with light, and I've just preferred it to all the other styles. I want to say thats what separates my work from others. No matter what genres I'm shooting, I will always try and incorporate my style to the work.

Is there any specific equipment you prefer to use for this kind of work?

If we're speaking about my documentary work, I prefer to work with natural light. So my Nikon D800, 24-70mm and tripod is all I need. When it comes to my commercial work, it depends, if on location, I much prefer to work with one artificial light, and a reflector. If in the studio, I use everything provided.

Finally I would like to ask have you got any advice for the student photographers of The Pupil Sphere?

I think the best advice I was ever given is to not stop shooting, an athlete wouldn't go 6 weeks without training, so why would we go 6 weeks without taking photos? Never stop taking photographs, and always try and take at least one photo a day.


All images copyright of Scott Bradley Taylor

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