Why an Exhibition?

There are five main reasons why the exhibition is needed:

  1. It could be used as a marketing tool to introduce more students to the online platform.
  2. A physical celebration of the students work, helping to keep them involved.
  3. It would be used as a pilot for a funding application.
  4. The experience also would give me skills and knowledge on how to setup and run similar events.
  5. As well as a way of showcasing The Pupil Sphere's initiative.

However, all these reasons were relevant to make The Pupil Sphere into a sustainable company, each aspect in the future would play a part in involving more of an audience.

What is the Target Audience?

The target audience would mainly be lecturers of photography, to help get more submissions form their future students by getting them involved. However, photographic businesses were also important for two reasons to firstly publicise and know of The Pupil Sphere. Secondly, to get possible partnerships and sponsorships for the future, to help make The Pupil Sphere into a sustainable company. Although, students played a large factor in publicising the exhibition by spreading the word with their friends.