Promotion Plan

Initially the plan was to advertise using posters in public places and shops, as well as advertising on social media. However, after researching this further I found advertising in public places to be to expensive in Leeds. But the social media option could be done for free to present followers and cheap to advertise to others in Leeds. After further research I decide to use larger platforms such as PhotoMonitor and Skinny to advertise the event. Also instead of posters I decided to use flyers as a cheaper option.

Publicity is a key factor for any event, no matter the tool either it be the press release, the invitation or the catalogue. These publicity tools have a number of different functions. “This can be explained as AIDA, which means it should:

  • Attract: so the exhibition will get noticed
  • Inform: so the audience knows what the exhibition is about
  • Desire: so it creates a desire to see the exhibition and is persuasive
  • Action: so it induces action-that is, it tells you what to do next, like how to get in touch or get to the gallery) Exhibiting Photography