Hanging the Exhibition Day 2

Day two, also the day of the private view, because of having to clean up the previous artist’s work was a rush however, spare time was accounted for in the itinerary. During day two, the team split into two sections; one side finished the second side of the temporary wall and the other would hang the work for the wall . The hanging of work went as planned and the walls constructed went as planned. However, the stability of the wall was not as strong as previously thought, because of this more supports had to be added to the wall.


After the other half of the team finished hanging the work on the outer walls, we began to attach both sides of the temporary wall together. After connecting the wall together, it was found that the wall did not as strong as it was planned to. For health and safety reasons, I decided to place the temporary wall against the windows. Although this last-minute decision was considered, because of the spaces within the temporary wall, light was still able to pass through to light the exhibition work. It also still added to the experience of the exhibition as it added more depth to the space, some visitors commented “the wall may have taken up too much space in the centre of the room and works well where it is”. After looking how the visitors on the opening night flowed round the room, the wall created more of a social space, with people flowing in different circles around the room. One problem that was faced was the work that was meant to be on the feature wall had to be quickly re-planned. In the end, I decided to put the prints on the wall as they were quick to hang, although, this was true it was still considered.