Grants for Arts Research

Another large part of this year was to research possible funding streams, below is some of the research of how to acquire grants for arts funding from Arts Council England.


Looking for a range of exciting artistic activity

Benefit everybody across the country.

Ring Advisors

Funding Activity

  • Buildings and infrastructure
  • Capacity Building
  • Digital Creation
  • Diversity and equality
  • Education and Learning
  • Exhibition
  • Festival
  • Organisational development
  • Orginal Work
  • Participation
  • Professional Development
  • Publishing
  • Talent Development
  • Touring

Grant Range

£1k to £100k


Individuals, Organisations

Key Dates

Grants for the Arts is a rolling programme with no deadlines.

Decisions on applications for £15,000 or less take six weeks.

Decisions on applications of over £15,000 take 12 weeks.

I think I should apply for funding under £15,000 to have more chance then apply for more next time.

  1. Read guidance carefully
  1. Is your activity right for Grants for the Arts?

Check if Eligibility

  1. Then Log in to the online application system (Grantium)

Must have a validated application profile before I can begin my eligibility questionnaire or application.

  1. Fill in the application form.

The application form asks you a series of questions about different parts of your activity including: artistic quality, public engagement, management and finance.

This gives us information about you, the activity you are applying for and your budget. We will use the information you give us in your application form to decide whether we will offer you a grant. If your application does not contain the information we need in the format we ask for it to be in, we might not be able to consider your application.

Our Customer Services team can offer advice around eligibility but please note that we can only make a definitive decision about whether an application is eligible for Grants for the Arts once we have received your full application.

Organisational Bank Account

Go to Barclays tomorrow and get bank card sorted.

Who cannot apply:

  • students, for activities directly linked to their formal course of study, activities which contribute towards their course assessment, their tuition fees or living costs. By ‘student’ we mean a person following a course of study in a school, a college or a university. We cannot fund students directly or indirectly for these costs

What you can apply for:

  • Up to a maximum of three years in length.
  • Has to have a defined period of time.
  • Its own objectives to be achieved in this time.

There are some activities they can’t fund.

  • we cannot support activities or events that mainly take place outside England unless they clearly benefit individuals and artists living in, and organisations based in, England. Please read our ‘International activity, and Grants for the Arts’ information sheet for more information
  • we cannot support touring activity where more than 15% of performance or event days take place outside England. Up to 15 per cent of any touring activity presented to us may take place outside England: either in other part(s) of the UK (Scotland, Wales and/or Northern Ireland), or internationally outside the UK (or a combination of both). We calculate the percentage of an activity happening outside England based on the number of performance or event days in each location shown in the preliminary tour schedule in the application form. Please read our ‘Touring and Grants for the Arts’ information sheet for more information
  • we normally require a minimum of 10 per cent funding from sources other than the Arts Council. In exceptional circumstances we may be able to provide up to 100 per cent of the cost of the activity. If you are asking us for more than 90 per cent of the total cost of your activity, you must tell us why you have been unable to secure any other funding. Using the information you give us we will decide whether we can accept your application. If we cannot, it will not be eligible and we will not be able to process it.

How to create your applicant profile

If you do not already have an applicant profile you need to create one. Please follow the instructions in our guidance sheet ‘How to create and manage your user account and applicant profile’.

On average, those who were successful in getting funding from us received about 51 per cent of their income from other sources.

We need to be able to see how you have worked your figures out

Please break them down clearly under the headings provided in the budget table.


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