Flyer Design

A large problem face when designing the flyer was the image going to be used on it. The problem was that not all the photographers had confirmed to be at the event, so there were a few prior re-designs to the final edit. However, because I knew from the beginning that the flyer was also going to be used as an invitation I knew what information needed to be included. This would include: dates, location, opening night schedule, website address and blurb.

Intial Design: 


Final Design:



The design for the flyers was inspired by my previous flyers, on the front side it would use a feature image to catch the audience’s attention, alongside The Pupil Sphere logo. On the reverse side, it would simply provide relevant information needed, whilst keeping to the companies branding style. The flyers were also square, again keeping with the companies branding. They were printed 148cm making it easy for users to carry and keep.