Finding a Suitable Space

Possible Exhibition Locations

  • Village Bookshop
    • Pro: Well connected
    • Con: Very small space, limits possibilities
  • And Model
    • Pro: Very unique space
    • Con: They don't take unsolicited exhibition offers
  • Off The Wall
    • Pro: Large space on high street
    • Con: Most likely wouldn't except
  • Empty Shop
    • Pro: More visits from the public
    • Con: Without somewhereto_ a lot harder to sort out
    • Con: Costs a lot to rent
  • White Cloth Gallery
    • Pro: Large capacity
    • Pro: Lots of wall space
    • Pro: Good location
    • Con: Not very student based

From this chart and some further research White Cloth Gallery seems the obvious choice however, whilst looking to book the space I found out quickly there was a few months wait. Because of this I had to seek another venue. Firstly, I went to East Street Arts who was able to sort me out a venue in Huddersfield however, the location was to out of the way and would reduce the amount of attendees. 

However, because I previously helped out Village Bookshop with their exhibition they gave me the contact details of the owner of The Brunswick in Leeds. After a month and a half of slow contact the space was booked and preparations could go ahead.