Example of Similar Initiatives

One of the best initiatives in online platforms that have successfully exhibited is FlakPhoto. FlakPhoto is an online photography channel that presents the work of artists, curators, bookmakers and photo organisations to a global audience of people who are passionate about visual culture. This platform is run by Andy Adams and he has organized and coordinated multiple exhibitions however, two of them are particularly interesting. 

The first interesting exhibition is “100 Portraits”. The project features 100 dynamic portraits, each selected from the online platform. The piece features 100 portraits in 4 rows and 25 columns, all printed onto one piece of self-adhesive paper. The idea of using one piece of self-adhesive paper is ideal for this project as it makes printing and hanging simple which helps when a piece like this is shown around the world. As you could send the work to be printed by someone else, saving on travel costs and the simple hanging method would save more money by using less labour time. Although, in my opinion I like it as a piece of work but as an exhibition, I would find the layout boring and would view the installation quickly, compared to other methods that could be used. 


On the contrary, the second exhibition that Andy Adams created “Looking at the Land - 21st Century American View was curated to a higher degree. For the reason, it used different medias such as digital prints, which were framed and mounted in various ways, keeping the audiences interest. However, this would raise production costs and require more labour, the final results look more professional and reflect well upon the online platform. From this research, I feel I would prefer to present an exhibition more like “Looking at the Land - 21st Century American Views” because I feel it is more impressive and a larger demographic would be interested. In addition, it feels less like a pop up exhibition, which would reflect The Pupil Sphere’s professionalism.